Sunday, June 19, 2011

"IT's All About The Glass"

     If you are from the Baby Boomers Team, you may have already visited Cindy Watson's "ShinyThings1" shop.  You may have chatted with her and didn't realize what a remarkable artist  you were chatting with.At the age of two her art work was already being collected and saved, She was drawing pictures on wood at that time and her grandmother was saving it all.
     Cindy says she has always loved to work on wood. She would  use an age old art of  tole painting on these pieces of wood that she would find.
      About 13 years ago she took some classes at her local college, where she learned how to do stained glass. Cindy said, "That's all it took, I was hooked , Now it seems like it's all about the glass".
    About the artist herself, she still has a day job as a Care Giver, something she's done for 18 years. She loves to cook and to garden,  She raises both vegetables and flowers. Where does she find the time! Also, she is a mother and grandmother.
     Cindy is also a generous philanthropist. She made 35 pairs of earrings and donated them to a charity that helps with education. She and I have something in common; she has 2 cats and 1 dog,all of them rescued, because she dearly loves animals. I happen to have a dog and 2 cats all rescued, why? because I love animals.
     Cindy has been a member of  Etsy since Sept.2010, and says she learned of Etsy from a Gift Shop owner, who happened to be selling some of her pieces. Armed with the information of getting on line with Etsy,she looked it up right away and as they say the rest is history
     Cindy is also a memberof the Baby BoomersTeam,and we are blessed to have her aboard. We chat with her each day, and we look at her beautful stained glass art pieces. She is liked very much by other team members and has proven herself dependable and flexible when the occasion calls for it.
      I hope that she will be with the rest of us as "Boomers" for a long time, she has the TEAM SPIRIT we all appreciate. Below is a link to her shop.


  1. I love learning about the members of our team. The heart and soul behind the creativity!