Thursday, September 1, 2011

De-Stash Finale

The Baby Boomers summer De-Stash Challenge has finally come to an end. This was a challenge that went out to all team members where contestants were asked to dig deep into their storage spaces to find treasures of supplies that they had hidden away or forgotten about. The rules were that there could be no major purchases only purchases of small notions that might be needed to complete a project. The idea behind de-stashing is to use up what you have on hand without spending any money.

As summer was passing us by three of the Baby Boomer Team members were busy de-stashing their supplies and creating products for their shops. The De-Stash Challenge ran from June 17th to August 26th, during that time a total of 46 items were created by the three participating Etsy Shops. Everyone can be considered a winner in the De-Stash Challenge as they all will reap benefits of increasing the number of items in their shops therefore increasing shop views and hopefully bringing in more sales. Creating and making during the summer months also helped to put them ahead of the holiday rush. A total of 10 items from the 46 items created were sold during the De-Stash Challenge.

Here's a sample from each of the shops that participated in the challenge.

Sanmarnastyle used fabric scraps to create this handy crafters armchair caddy

Pasqueflower found this holloween fabric and stitched together a Holloween Jack O Lantern table runner
mamaducksdesigns crocheted this cute Kola Bear which has already sold

Through the generosity of shinythings1 , ruthsartwork, Sanmarnastyle, Pasqueflower, FacetsJewelry and FernHollowFinds we are able to award prizes for 1st and 2nd places in three categories. Each participant will also receive a small “surprize’ for participating and completing the challenge. I want to send a HUGE big THANK YOU to the above shops for their donations and willingness to ship the prizes to the recipients. Many, many thanks to you all.

The three shops participating and completing the challenge are Pasqueflower, Sanmarnastyle and mamaducksdesigns . CONGRATS to you all on your accomplishments. 

1)Most items created

First place goes to  with a total Pasqueflower of 25 items created. She will be awarded the loviebird created by  shinythings1
Second place goes to Sanmarnastyle with a total of 13 items created. ruthsartwork has donated a set of ACEO gift tags.

2)Most sales from items created

First place goes to mamaducksdesigns with a total of 6 sales during the challenge. For this category she will be awarded the schlep-bag-large-tote-purple-batiks created by Pasqueflower

Second place goes to Pasqueflower with a total of 4 sales. Sanmarnastyle has donated an embroidered kitchen towel.

3)Greatest percentage of increase in shop items.

First place goes to mamaducksdesigns for doubling her shop items and also selling much of what she made. The award in this category is a pair of swarovski-caribbean-blue-earrings created by FacetsJewelry
Second place goes to Pasqueflower with an 89% increase in shop items. Sanmarnastyle has donated sachets.

CONGRATS and Thanks to all who made this challenge a successful summer event.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Belly UpTo My Bar And Revise My Avatar - Phase One

Phase One what is phase one, well I will tell you. We are in it right now. It is the time when all of you should be submitting your Team Avatar Entries. I have received a few so far and I am thrilled, I hope all of you will take part. If you have a program for making invitations, business cards , labels, and so on, then you've got it made. So far the samples that I've made I have used Print Artist Gold. I believe there are quite a few programs of that sort on the market and they are really quite inexpensive. I am working on one sample where I am using one of my paintings, actually a 5 x 7 plaque since I left space for writing a scripture or saying of some sort, I thought I would use that and see if it would work ok. I'm having a lot of fun with this and I know all of you too will have fun, so if you haven't started yet, be sure to check out every day what others are doing, that may help you to come up with your own ideas.

I want to say though there is no reason why you should use a program to create for you, get your pencils and paints and what other medium you may work in and get busy. You just can't go wrong with the truly unique

Keep in mind this avatar is being designed for the future biggest, most popular, most sale effective, and greatest team that Etsy has, it has to be great, and I know each and everyone of you has it in you. Don't forget there are nice gifts awaiting the winner,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

De-Stashing Tips from the Pros

By Patty Harrington, Leader
Baby Boomer Team

Just as ancient ruins become buried deep beneath years of soil and overgrowth, so do the precious materials that we craft with.  One of the first steps in de-stashing is to find all the precious crafting materials that have been buried or “stashed” within the confines of our crafting spaces.  De-Stashing doesn’t require the tools of an archeologist but it does require the same mind set to carefully think out what happened in the past.    I recently asked some questions to the participants of the De-Stash Challenge.  Here’s how they responded:

Did you dig deep to find supplies for de-stashing? 

Mamaducksdesign replied, “I have yarn in just about everywhere, what happens is I'll be working on a project or more likely several projects then a holiday or family get together comes up and I have to put it somewhere, more than likely all of it goes into a bag and into a closet or drawer.”

PasqueFlower replied, “Most of my stash is on the shelves of my Girl Cave (reorganized in February of 2011), but I still have some in my daughter's dresser drawers and under beds.”

SanMarnastyle replied, “The first place I started looking is my tote with leftovers (things I had left after doing other projects, but as every sewer does, thought the leftovers were too good to throw away)

What surprises did you find while digging?

Mamaducksdesign replied, “I found sooo much yarn in drawers and closets that I had totally forgotten about, in fact while we were getting Christmas decorations out this past Christmas from the attic I found an entire tote full of material which had a completed quilt top in it, what a surprise that was.”

PasqueFlower replied, “The seasonal fabrics were one of those forgotten treasures.  Since I had the yardage to make table runners that seemed to be a good choice for the autumn prints and the Christmas-y prints.”

SanMarnastyle replied, “In this tote I also found some unfinished projects ex., a tablecloth I had embroidered but never hemmed, a dresser scarf set I had only added the lace on one piece etc.”  “I found kitchen towels I had bought about 3 months ago but never put designs on, and 1 small piece of a panel left from a teddy bear quilt I made, that I made a pillow out of.”

How do you decide what to make with the supplies that you have found?

Mamaducksdesign replied, “Now I'm just working with what I have and just see what comes to mind to make!”  She also states, “I haven't really bought anything for a little over a month, which makes my husband very happy!”

PasqueFlower replied, “I also found some "charm packs" of 5" cotton squares that I may turn into doll quilts or baby quilts -- I haven't decided.”  “I am still trying to decide the best use for odd-sized scraps.”  “I'm considering covered button magnets as "thank you" bonuses for customer orders, or crocheted rugs.”

SanMarnastyle replied, “I made arm chair caddies with a few fat quarters I had left from making a quilt, I have made 4 pillow covers from a panel I had left from another quilt.”  She also states, “I am having a lot of fun with this and clearing out supplies.”

I think that we can all relate to these three women participating in the De-Stash Challenge.  We all have purchased precious materials and laid them to rest in a corner, tote, under beds, in closets, behind chairs, in the basement and attic and wherever else.  Yes we all had good intentions of getting back to beginning or completing that project but life just gets in the way and we have to put away our precious materials.  De-stashing is like going on an archeological dig as you always unearth some forgotten treasures. 

Let us know by commenting below what forgotten treasures you have unearthed lately.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Create A Slogan - Win a Prize - Conclusion

Well, finally, here we are at the end of our contest. We have a winner and I know you're thinking, just tell us. I wasn't sure we would have a contest. At first no one was paying attention to my entreaties to put their thinking caps on and come out with some ideas.What kind of a team had I hitched my cart to? They wouldn't no they couldn't be "Don't Get Involvedists" It couldn't be. I kept throwing some ideas out there for fodder, they weren't good ideas, I called them "fodder". Just to mention I said they might sound something like this,....If you do this...then you're a Boomer. or Boomers Do it.... I told you they weren't good. eventually some ideas started coming in. I think it was the first day I put up the blog that was titled "Create A Slogan Win A Prize"  

So slowly at first, they began arriving and they were great! ShinyThings1 was one of the first with "Boomers, The Know It All's"  true but maybe we shouldn't announce it. Actually if we counted how many times a person entered the contest ShinyThings might be the winner. Yay Cindy

 love what Zybertex had to say; Boomers..Here to be Heard, we can at least try. Get a bigger soapbox next time so we can all jump on.

Then there was Thimbledoodlesattic She shared several slogans but the one I was careful to enter for her was "Kids, don't have a clue do they?" I don't have a clue what she was talking about. It didn't get any votes.
You don't have to tell me, I know it wasn't an entry.

FacetsJewelry gave us a TV History Lesson when she had to explain what "whirled peas" meant. Wasn't it something about Saturday Night Live and World Peace.

Rock44 said that "Boomers Know" well, I wanta know what she knows, because I can't remember if I ate breakfast.

kvill says nothing scares a Boomer, I'll go along with that but don't expect me to prove it.

Here's one I thought didn't get enough attention. "Classic-Just Like Us." It needs no further introduction.I believe it's validity is in all of us.

"So which slogan won?"

What? You mean that wasn't one of the slogans? But I think some one voted on it.

So just who did win?. We decided  to have two winners, since there were so many good ones to choose from. Only 1st place will be the "Slogan"
.FYI: Do you know the meaning of Slogan? Here's what a dictionary had to say. "Slogan" def,  a motto;  or  a catchy phrase used in advertising.  Hmmmm that.s right up our alley. We need to advertise.!

Thirtyseven people voted. That's a little more than half the team membership ! I am thrilled at the turn-out. I know this is just the beginning of the good times we are going to have at Baby Boomers so when I think about that I'm filled with anticipation.

Our winner is;
                      Attitude Not Age................................PatchworkCrafters
                      Forever Young...................................FernHollowFinds

You may recognize the shop names, FernHollowFinds has been my Team Leader since I first came on as Captain.

The other name PatchworkCrafters is no doubt just as recognizable, Within this last week I promoted her to Team Leader. At the time she entered the competition she was not a team leader. I also made an announcement that I, myself, nor the Team Leaders, could receive gifts if their slogans did happen to win.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How Do Those Boomers Do-It?

:"De-Stash"  well what is it all about? Google would have us believe to de-stash would be to sell or trade your existing crafting or "stash",  to allow a crafter to buy different, often newer mateials. While many Etsians De-Stash in this manner. TheBaby Boomers have taken de-stashing to new heights. With a little help from the team Patty Harrington a Team Leader with the Baby Boomers, chiseled out this De-Stash definition and when the powder settled she revealed this "DE-STASH CHALLENGE".

De-Stashing, for a Baby Boomer is how we clean our  supplies, and guess what? We actually use them. We use them. We use them to create new things for our s hops. After  all, we did once purchase all these supplies with the plan to make something . But something went awry,  time passed. Our new purchases became our old purchases, they got pushed to the bottom or to the back, and they were forgotten.

The challenge is to get into those drawers or old boxes where our once prized possessions have migrated. The challenge acts as a great motivator for us to do some well earned cleaningl.  We clean and polish our work areas, possibly seeing  the top for the first time in years  Clean and polished ,that work area, calls out to us and it's like arts and crafts flow through our veins we can't stay away.

De-Stashing can't take place without an inventory, an inventory of what one has on hand. The next part depends on just how OCD you are, Some will take a complete inventory writing down everything or maybe another person might carry it all in in their head.but whether they have  a written inventory or not they know what;s important is the "cost of inventory". what will be it's worth  when you get it all done and have it ready for sale?

The fun part of the challenge comes next, the double D's Designing and Doing. Organizing having all the supplies, and being excited about getting going , nothing could stand in the way. Time , we all have the same amount. Yet, occasionally, we are overcome with the lack of it..

How do we overcome this terrible debilitating shortage. In a word, Priortize.  By prioritizing and creating a schedule, and then you must keep to it.

If you are wondering what the De-Stash Challenge really is, it is an effort we make to be a successful artist crafter. You are requiring of yourself that you must reach deeply into your heart and soul and bring out every ounce of creativity you have while you take that stash and let those hand move as your brain guides guides you to success

Look forward to Patty;s update about the "De-Stash" Challenge" and be here to hear who the winner will be.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

"IT's All About The Glass"

     If you are from the Baby Boomers Team, you may have already visited Cindy Watson's "ShinyThings1" shop.  You may have chatted with her and didn't realize what a remarkable artist  you were chatting with.At the age of two her art work was already being collected and saved, She was drawing pictures on wood at that time and her grandmother was saving it all.
     Cindy says she has always loved to work on wood. She would  use an age old art of  tole painting on these pieces of wood that she would find.
      About 13 years ago she took some classes at her local college, where she learned how to do stained glass. Cindy said, "That's all it took, I was hooked , Now it seems like it's all about the glass".
    About the artist herself, she still has a day job as a Care Giver, something she's done for 18 years. She loves to cook and to garden,  She raises both vegetables and flowers. Where does she find the time! Also, she is a mother and grandmother.
     Cindy is also a generous philanthropist. She made 35 pairs of earrings and donated them to a charity that helps with education. She and I have something in common; she has 2 cats and 1 dog,all of them rescued, because she dearly loves animals. I happen to have a dog and 2 cats all rescued, why? because I love animals.
     Cindy has been a member of  Etsy since Sept.2010, and says she learned of Etsy from a Gift Shop owner, who happened to be selling some of her pieces. Armed with the information of getting on line with Etsy,she looked it up right away and as they say the rest is history
     Cindy is also a memberof the Baby BoomersTeam,and we are blessed to have her aboard. We chat with her each day, and we look at her beautful stained glass art pieces. She is liked very much by other team members and has proven herself dependable and flexible when the occasion calls for it.
      I hope that she will be with the rest of us as "Boomers" for a long time, she has the TEAM SPIRIT we all appreciate. Below is a link to her shop.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is There Such A Thing As Too Old?

     Let me think on this, I'm 59 ( that is the first and last time that info will be spoken of) I'm too old for roller skating. I know because the last time I had a really bad fall I broke my left ankle and my right foot. I was in a wheel chair for months, with casts on both legs. Not an experience I want to repeat. Oh, did I mention that was over 10 years ago, and it was because I had a stroke when I was taking my first step down of 3 steps. I take vitamins and drink lots of milk but I don't trust my bones to take another bad fall.Although I was a great roller-skater as a kid, I think maybe I may have lost some of that skill since the last time I skated I was in my 20"s.
     Last year I thought bike riding would be great exercise for me and I could join a friend who is older and bike rides all the time. When I got on my brand new bike for some reason I was a tad bit wobbly. But I pushed ahead, you know, "like riding a bike, you never forget how",  either that statement is not true or I'm too old to ride a bike, Oh, did I mention this, while riding my new bike, I fell twice, I fell into grassy areas and I believe that is what saved me from more broken bones.After a year my bike is still waiting for a rider. Could I be too old to be out riding a bike? I'm not saying that others my age or older are too old, I'm saying it's possible that Me,myself and, I , might be too old.
     On another note, every day when I get up, My dog and I go out for a 2 mile walk. This walk takes place without fail, despite the weather, or what ever the condition my health may be. because my dog will do his business only on these walks, not at home. So if it is pouring down rain, or freezing out, we walk anyway. (Just so you know, my dog has a responsible human who picks up after him)  Later in the afternoon he needs another walk so we take a shorter walk then.  I mention this to say, it's not like I'm living a completely sedentary life.
     I'm not too old for most things,  I live a very active lifestyle. But even at that I know so many people older than myself that can run races around me. When I took over the Captains position of the great Boomers
Team I tried to look at everything from my perspective as a Senior, disabled person, who myself happen to be on 13 teams . As I thought about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to take the team it could only come from my own perspective. Fulfilling the needs of the team members has been priority.  I am a baby boomer and the changes that are taking place are good for me and what's most important, I am capable of doing these things without hurting myself. In other words, I'm not too old and not too young or too energetic for the boomers.
     I'm sure the rest of you are also on other teams as I am. Quite frankly I am on so many teams for the purpose of Promoting. I am here to sell my Jewelry and soon my paintings.But Boomers is home for me now and I have tried to make it a home for everyone else. I have created Social Threads that are just for chatting because I know that is what is important to many of you. I have added some threads for critiquing, and I've tried to make the promotion threads as easy to understand and use as possible. I've put up a thread where you can directly speak to me if your conversations are not of a personal nature,  you can always convo me instead. You also can speak to our one team leader FernHollowFinds and you already know how great she is.
     Is there such a thing as too old? I don't know. It's relative. As for the members on this team, you all amaze me, Some of you are still working full time and then you create your works of art and create and run your shops, and you get your shops and yourselves onto these teams. I do think most of us have a tendency to feel put upon when we are asked for anything more then we're already giving. When that happens I guess we  have to weigh it out, and see what happens on your personal scale. I have a scale where I put these ideas in the palms of my hands, this is how mine looks; one hand-a team that is doing nothing for me, on the other hand-a team that is serving it's purpose and is helping me to earn money, BUT it involves changes.                   
     Only you can decide if the changes are worth the pay-off