Friday, June 17, 2011

Our New Blog

     Baby Boomers is really getting hi-tech now. We have our very own blog. Every one better look out now. This will be our place for team news events, announcements, team activites, and the fun parts, interviews and pics of team members. Articles showcasing our shops. I would like to see "How-To" columns in here as well.
     What I need to see now would be some of you stepping up and volunteering to do  some blogs for us. I guess as Team Captain I will stay on as Managing Editor until that point that the blog is well staffed and someone is ready and willing to take over.
I would like to see some columns perhaps about something that has nothing to do with etsy or Baby Boomers just something that is interesting. So I am asking again let's stand up and get active.
     Baby Boomers as a team is on the move and it will be a great team and you are the charter members, we should all be thinking of people to invite to join, or thinking of ways to find people we could invite to join.       Let's get on the ball. Baby Boomers will take a back seat to no team. We are  a moderated team now,  people have to meet our qualifications to be on our team. So let's go out there and find these people.
Please be thinking about how you can contribute to this blog, and if not the blog then perhaps a committee, on our team, or a team leader.

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