Sunday, July 24, 2011

Create A Slogan - Win a Prize - Conclusion

Well, finally, here we are at the end of our contest. We have a winner and I know you're thinking, just tell us. I wasn't sure we would have a contest. At first no one was paying attention to my entreaties to put their thinking caps on and come out with some ideas.What kind of a team had I hitched my cart to? They wouldn't no they couldn't be "Don't Get Involvedists" It couldn't be. I kept throwing some ideas out there for fodder, they weren't good ideas, I called them "fodder". Just to mention I said they might sound something like this,....If you do this...then you're a Boomer. or Boomers Do it.... I told you they weren't good. eventually some ideas started coming in. I think it was the first day I put up the blog that was titled "Create A Slogan Win A Prize"  

So slowly at first, they began arriving and they were great! ShinyThings1 was one of the first with "Boomers, The Know It All's"  true but maybe we shouldn't announce it. Actually if we counted how many times a person entered the contest ShinyThings might be the winner. Yay Cindy

 love what Zybertex had to say; Boomers..Here to be Heard, we can at least try. Get a bigger soapbox next time so we can all jump on.

Then there was Thimbledoodlesattic She shared several slogans but the one I was careful to enter for her was "Kids, don't have a clue do they?" I don't have a clue what she was talking about. It didn't get any votes.
You don't have to tell me, I know it wasn't an entry.

FacetsJewelry gave us a TV History Lesson when she had to explain what "whirled peas" meant. Wasn't it something about Saturday Night Live and World Peace.

Rock44 said that "Boomers Know" well, I wanta know what she knows, because I can't remember if I ate breakfast.

kvill says nothing scares a Boomer, I'll go along with that but don't expect me to prove it.

Here's one I thought didn't get enough attention. "Classic-Just Like Us." It needs no further introduction.I believe it's validity is in all of us.

"So which slogan won?"

What? You mean that wasn't one of the slogans? But I think some one voted on it.

So just who did win?. We decided  to have two winners, since there were so many good ones to choose from. Only 1st place will be the "Slogan"
.FYI: Do you know the meaning of Slogan? Here's what a dictionary had to say. "Slogan" def,  a motto;  or  a catchy phrase used in advertising.  Hmmmm that.s right up our alley. We need to advertise.!

Thirtyseven people voted. That's a little more than half the team membership ! I am thrilled at the turn-out. I know this is just the beginning of the good times we are going to have at Baby Boomers so when I think about that I'm filled with anticipation.

Our winner is;
                      Attitude Not Age................................PatchworkCrafters
                      Forever Young...................................FernHollowFinds

You may recognize the shop names, FernHollowFinds has been my Team Leader since I first came on as Captain.

The other name PatchworkCrafters is no doubt just as recognizable, Within this last week I promoted her to Team Leader. At the time she entered the competition she was not a team leader. I also made an announcement that I, myself, nor the Team Leaders, could receive gifts if their slogans did happen to win.


They decided to look over the threads and choose two shops that they felt were most deserving based on activity, helpfulness to other team mates, posting, involvement with the team, and so on. We first created a list. I then wrote those names on a piece of paper and then cut it up and put the small pieces that had names on them in a bowl. I closed my eyes I stirred and stirred with my hand, when I was satisfied that I could not pick a piece out where I already knew the name, I pulled one out, and.... we had The second Place Winner.The top winner had been decided first by discussion. When the question was asked Who do you think is most deserving we all agreed immediately with this shop owner. Our first place winner is SanMarnaStyle.!!


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