Thursday, August 4, 2011

De-Stashing Tips from the Pros

By Patty Harrington, Leader
Baby Boomer Team

Just as ancient ruins become buried deep beneath years of soil and overgrowth, so do the precious materials that we craft with.  One of the first steps in de-stashing is to find all the precious crafting materials that have been buried or “stashed” within the confines of our crafting spaces.  De-Stashing doesn’t require the tools of an archeologist but it does require the same mind set to carefully think out what happened in the past.    I recently asked some questions to the participants of the De-Stash Challenge.  Here’s how they responded:

Did you dig deep to find supplies for de-stashing? 

Mamaducksdesign replied, “I have yarn in just about everywhere, what happens is I'll be working on a project or more likely several projects then a holiday or family get together comes up and I have to put it somewhere, more than likely all of it goes into a bag and into a closet or drawer.”

PasqueFlower replied, “Most of my stash is on the shelves of my Girl Cave (reorganized in February of 2011), but I still have some in my daughter's dresser drawers and under beds.”

SanMarnastyle replied, “The first place I started looking is my tote with leftovers (things I had left after doing other projects, but as every sewer does, thought the leftovers were too good to throw away)

What surprises did you find while digging?

Mamaducksdesign replied, “I found sooo much yarn in drawers and closets that I had totally forgotten about, in fact while we were getting Christmas decorations out this past Christmas from the attic I found an entire tote full of material which had a completed quilt top in it, what a surprise that was.”

PasqueFlower replied, “The seasonal fabrics were one of those forgotten treasures.  Since I had the yardage to make table runners that seemed to be a good choice for the autumn prints and the Christmas-y prints.”

SanMarnastyle replied, “In this tote I also found some unfinished projects ex., a tablecloth I had embroidered but never hemmed, a dresser scarf set I had only added the lace on one piece etc.”  “I found kitchen towels I had bought about 3 months ago but never put designs on, and 1 small piece of a panel left from a teddy bear quilt I made, that I made a pillow out of.”

How do you decide what to make with the supplies that you have found?

Mamaducksdesign replied, “Now I'm just working with what I have and just see what comes to mind to make!”  She also states, “I haven't really bought anything for a little over a month, which makes my husband very happy!”

PasqueFlower replied, “I also found some "charm packs" of 5" cotton squares that I may turn into doll quilts or baby quilts -- I haven't decided.”  “I am still trying to decide the best use for odd-sized scraps.”  “I'm considering covered button magnets as "thank you" bonuses for customer orders, or crocheted rugs.”

SanMarnastyle replied, “I made arm chair caddies with a few fat quarters I had left from making a quilt, I have made 4 pillow covers from a panel I had left from another quilt.”  She also states, “I am having a lot of fun with this and clearing out supplies.”

I think that we can all relate to these three women participating in the De-Stash Challenge.  We all have purchased precious materials and laid them to rest in a corner, tote, under beds, in closets, behind chairs, in the basement and attic and wherever else.  Yes we all had good intentions of getting back to beginning or completing that project but life just gets in the way and we have to put away our precious materials.  De-stashing is like going on an archeological dig as you always unearth some forgotten treasures. 

Let us know by commenting below what forgotten treasures you have unearthed lately.

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