Sunday, August 7, 2011

Belly UpTo My Bar And Revise My Avatar - Phase One

Phase One what is phase one, well I will tell you. We are in it right now. It is the time when all of you should be submitting your Team Avatar Entries. I have received a few so far and I am thrilled, I hope all of you will take part. If you have a program for making invitations, business cards , labels, and so on, then you've got it made. So far the samples that I've made I have used Print Artist Gold. I believe there are quite a few programs of that sort on the market and they are really quite inexpensive. I am working on one sample where I am using one of my paintings, actually a 5 x 7 plaque since I left space for writing a scripture or saying of some sort, I thought I would use that and see if it would work ok. I'm having a lot of fun with this and I know all of you too will have fun, so if you haven't started yet, be sure to check out every day what others are doing, that may help you to come up with your own ideas.

I want to say though there is no reason why you should use a program to create for you, get your pencils and paints and what other medium you may work in and get busy. You just can't go wrong with the truly unique

Keep in mind this avatar is being designed for the future biggest, most popular, most sale effective, and greatest team that Etsy has, it has to be great, and I know each and everyone of you has it in you. Don't forget there are nice gifts awaiting the winner,

I will try to get each avatar entry on the "Prime Real Estate Property",  (sounds better than final resting place, don;t you think). for at least a few hours, depending on how many are coming in, but that is why I am creating this particular blog. I will be putting each entry on this blog for the duration of the contest. That way you will be able to look them over as often as we want to and then voting will be easier. I am also putting up some samples that I have done, they will not be entered in the contest. Just to give you ideas if you feel idea challenged..

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